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South Central Texas VCA Raffle in on!

For the first time ever our region will have a fund raiser raffle to help out with expenses for 2012. The raffle prize is a Nurburgring Poster autographed by Mr. Ralph Gilles. For those of you that do not know, Ralph Gilles is currently the President and CEO of the SRT Brand and Senior Vice President of Design at Chrysler Group LLC.

About the Prize:

Autographed Poster of the Nurburgring record breaking ACR
Poster was then framed using only museum grade materials:

-36×24 Poster (of the record setting ACR) dry mounted to acid free backer-board
-Mounted in custom made brushed aluminum 1.75″ frame
-Glass is Non-Glare, Anti-Reflective, and UV resistant so you can mount anywhere
-Heavy Duty wire hanger is attached to back of frame

The process used to frame this will ensure it will not yellow or deteriorate no matter where you hang it, even in the garage. Approx cost to museum mount/frame is $315.00.

Raffle Tickets:
Tickets can be purchased two ways, a single ticket or in a book of ten tickets.  A single ticket is $10.00.  A book of ten will be discounted to $90.00 (it is like getting a free ticket with every book!).  There are a limited number of tickets set at 30 books only.  The drawing will be held on March 31st 2012 in the South Central Texas Viper Round Up Dinner Party.  You do not need to be present to win, you DO however need to be a VCA member.  All tickets must be filled out with your contact info and submitted to a SCTVCA Board Member prior to the 03/31/12 drawing.  You will retain your raffle ticket stub to claim your prize.  You may contact any of your board members to purchase tickets.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  Very limited number of tickets for this one of a kind prize!

If you would like to use PayPal to purchase tickets there will be the Paypal fee added to the purchase price of tickets.  Every cent of this fundraiser will go back into the club to make for some GREAT events and future one of a kind raffles!  Lets sell this out in record time!
If you’re interested in purchasing a ticket (or book or tickets) and didn’t get the email sent out to our current membership, just use the contact us page to let us know!

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Lots of updates!

Hi everyone!  Sorry for not updating the main page lately but we’ve all been pretty swamped.  We have added a few more galleries to the picture page and the calendar is updated so check them both out.  Our last event to see Ben Keating and his crew out in Victoria was lots of fun.  Ben’s a really good guy and very active in the viper community and Viper Exchange is the place to go for a new viper so get shopping!  :)

There are quite a few events coming up in the next few weeks and we hope to see everyone soon!  The San Antonio Coffee and Rides is on the 27th of August and I’ve heard there is going to be a group drive with a mix of vehicles coming down from Austin to join in on the fun.  Also on the 31st of August there is a special charity event to help raise money for the “Your Ride is Here” charity which provides rides to and from treatments for cancer patients who have no way to get there on their own.  It’s being held at Cool River in Austin starting at 7 pm.  The event will feature an exotic car show along with a vodka tasting featuring over 30 vodkas from all around the world.  All proceeds benefit the “Your Ride is Here” charity.

Next up on September 2nd-4th is Viper Days!  Always enjoyable, but only if you like cool cars and learning how to drive them really fast.  Oh wait, you have a viper so you’ll fit right in!  Come out and join us, it’s an experience you won’t forget.

Finally on September 9th-11th is the Southwest Zone Rendezvous and this promises to be BIG!  It’s being held in Dallas this year so it’s just a short drive away.  You must be registered by September 1st though so get moving if you’re not already.  That’s all for now.  Stay safe and try to stay cool!

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Hennessey Performance tour on May 14th

Mr. John Hennessey has graciously taken time out of his impossible schedule to invite the South Central Texas Viper Club to tour his facility located in Sealy, TX.  This is an event not to be missed!  As most of you know John Hennessey is a pioneer in high performance Viper tuning, starting his famous Viper Venom builds as early as 1994!  And the Viper Venom 1000 has become legendary, besting even the Bugatti Veyron to 200MPH in 20.3 seconds!  I am sure we will here much about these accomplishments and more as John has invited us all to take a personal guided tour of his 30,000+Sqft facility in Sealy, TX as well as share some history of the Viper from his point of view with some Q&A time as well.  As a special treat John has also arraigned to open Lonestar Motorsports Park  early exclusively for the South Central Texas Vipers.  If the private tour and a personal Q&A with a Viper legend was not enough, track time exclusively for you is icing on the cake!  I have never been on Lonestar Motorsports Park before but have been told that the 60mph-130mph runs are just as or more fun than the ¼ mile event.  In any case if you want to race or just feel the acceleration of your car in a legal arena the track is great for everyone.  Check our calender for meet up details and times.

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Viper Round Up pics!

Hello everyone!  We’ve got some of the pictures posted to the pictures page from this year’s round up.  It was a little smaller this year, but I think everyone had a great time.  Thanks to all who made it out and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year!  I’ll post more pictures to the round up gallery as I get them.

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Viper Roundup updates!

We have important updates for the Texas Viper Roundup ‘11!

Due to a lack of participation, some of the events are going to have to be cut from the Roundup as it is currently planned. The good news is that it’s all the “extras”…the stuff that was planned on TOP of what Ryan had put together in the past. Friday will still be a tech/dyno day, Saturday will now be a drive and dinner (no scavenger hunt or movie) and Sunday will be a track day at Harris Hill Road with gymkhana AND road racing!
The hotel has extended the deadline for our block ONE last time…this time until Tuesday, March 22nd. As it stands we have 29 of the 48 rooms in our block filled. If you’re planning on coming PLEASE make sure you book with the Omni and make sure your name is in our reserved block. After Tuesday the Omni will do it’s best to fill our block on their own but if they don’t the club will be responsible for the rest of the rooms (19 rooms @ $109/night = $2071). That’s $2k of club money that could go to other events that will be wasted on empty rooms if we don’t fill the block, so PLEASE make your reservations now! If people outside of the club are interested we’re allowing other cars to participate in the entire weekend for a $150 fee, so pass along the information to any inquiring parties.

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Hotel reservations for the Viper Roundup

This is a friendly reminder that if you’re traveling to Austin for the Texas Viper Roundup this year and want to stay in the hotel where we’ve made accommodations, you need to contact the Omni Austin Hotel Southpark. Call 1-800-THE-OMNI and mention the Texas Viper Roundup when you book your room to get our discounted rate. Singles start at $109/night and breakfast is again included. We’ll have our own section of the lot and security for the cars. You must book by Thursday, March 10 at 5:00 PM. They’re holding our block until that date but after that will be releasing the rooms to the public.
Last year we demolished our quota at the last second, but leading up to the event we had fallen significantly short. So PLEASE, if you plan on attending this year make your reservations as soon as possible.

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More picture updates from Jim Chandler’s BBQ

We had a great time at Jim Chandler’s house.  He and his wife were great hosts and make a mean apple cobbler!  Jim is an avid hunter and had the trophies to show for it.  He had an entire room dedicated to them.  Awesome stuff.  And the setup he had for his cars was just automotive porn.  An additional four car garage, with a lift in each bay?  Don’t get me started.  He even asked if anyone wanted to take his 2009 ZR1 corvette for a drive.  I know this is the viper club, but come on, it’s a ZR1 for crying out loud.  Of course a few of us had to take him up on that offer.   But enough reading already, go look at the pics on the picture page.

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New picture gallery added for Father Viper visit

Well, what’s becoming our annual visit from Father Viper himself, Roy Sjoberg, has come and gone for another year.  He’s spoken to our group for 3 or 4 years in a row now and I still don’t think we’ve heard all his stories yet!  Roy is a delight and we want to thank him again for visiting with us.  A good time had by all for sure.  We’ve got some pictures from the event posted on the pictures page so go check’em out.

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2011 South Texas Viper Round Up survey


This year the South Central Texas VCA has picked a few brains and has come up with quite a few activities for members to partake in on this year’s Roundup. Unfortunately we can’t do them all as some are mutually exclusive, so we’ve bundled together 2 options for members to vote on.

IMPORTANT: Because of the urgency to get the rooms reserved with the hotels, we will be counting votes at 12:00am CST January 31, which is Monday morning. The survey counts IPs so you only get to vote once; however, if you change your mind I believe you can edit your vote up until the close of the survey.

Please click the survey link below. Good luck and happy voting!
Texas Viper Roundup ‘11 Survey

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Updates to the calendar and a Round Up survey

Updated some more events on the calendar.  Got the details for the dinner at Jim Chandler’s ranch on the 12th of February and a poker run in March, and don’t forget about the Father Viper visit on February 5th.  Also watch your email today for an important survey about the Viper Round Up in April.  We’ve got some great ideas, too many actually, so we want you to help us narrow them down.  We put together two plans and you get to help us decide which one we’ll do!  Because of some hotel deadlines we’ll need a quick turn around on these surveys though.  We’ll tally up the votes on the morning of Monday the 31st of January.  So check your inbox this afternoon and remember, your vote counts! And hugs not drugs.  That’s another good one to remember.


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